Pig weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 13 – 19

December 13, 2020 – December 19, 2020

PIGS are in luck this week as they will have fortunate things happen to them in regards to work. Wonderful!

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The start of the week will really be great for the Pigs. They are finally starting to reap the benefits of their hard work and hours of dedication to their craft. They will have tons of help from their colleagues so they no longer have to worry about carrying all the weight of pending assignments. 

Midweek, Pigs should think of a great way to help their friends prosper in their career. 

A few acquaintances may ask you for advice or want you to invest in their career ventures. Be opened to the idea, it could generate a surplus of funds in the long run. 

Saturday and Sunday are a good time to catch up on rest and recovery. Stay in bed all day and don’t feel guilty about not doing much. Sometimes rest is essential for the mind. 


For coupled Pigs, this will be a good week to surprise your partner with a gift or something for them to enjoy. Leaving some mystery in the relationship will keep your spark alive, especially for coupled Pigs who have been together for a long time. 

For single Pigs, keep trying to talk to new people and vetting them to see if you’re truly interested. This year does not look very good for you to settle down with anyone special, but you may meet someone to start the new year with. Don’t give up!


Pigs, while you may not be in luck in the love department, you are totally in luck in regards to your career!

You are admired and always sought after for the most difficult projects, that should truly flatter you. 

Some will be jealous and try to criticize you, but don’t take any of it to heart — they really don’t know you at your core. 

Try and keep a good attitude with your coworkers and know that whatever they say about you, they really mean that about themselves.

Types of Pigs

Metal Pig: Gentle, broad-minded, frank, helpful, and responsible.

Earth Pig: Good at socializing, able to maintain interpersonal relations, a little bit suspicious.

Wood Pig: Simple, honest, easygoing, diligent but sometimes impetuous.

Fire Pig: Brave, act quickly, clever, owning great ambitions but less talkative.

Water Pig: Talented, ambitious, independent, serious, has good luck in wealth.

Spotlight Numerology

Scorpio Water Pig 1983: The Scorpio Water Pig has a life path number 7. 

These Pigs with a life path number 7 are aware but mysterious with who they are.

They are analytical, intellectual, and highly reserved. 

At times, they can be loners and have little faith in themselves.

Weekly Mantra

“I release all the negativity within me, and open myself up to happiness and opportunity.”

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