People told me to get a 'real job' when I started my business – now I rake in £50k plus doing what I love | The Sun

ONE woman has shared how she’s had the last laugh after critics blasted her decision to start her own business and cruelly told her to “get a real job.”

Since, she’s gone on to prove them majorly wrong and now that her nail technician empire has taken off, she’s earning £50K plus a year.

TikTok user @nickieshairbeauty opened up about her rise to success in a recent post, as she recalled people’s reaction when she said she was going to go it alone.

She explained they told her “You can’t make money being a nail tech, go get a real job.”

However, she said their taunts actually made her more determined, as she added: “The sentence that made me want to be a nail tech.”

The budding business woman then broke down her earnings, day by day and month by month, before unveiling her total annual income. 

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Alongside clips of her impressive nail designs, including neon animal print and an intricate white and gold design, the social media user said she often books in six clients a day. 

She charges each customer £25 – £50 for a set of nails, which amounted to an average daily income of £210.

This means that every week she earns £1050, while she takes home £4,200 a month.

@nickieshairbeauty then wrote: “Times by 12 months of the year £50,400.”

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She concluded: “Not including any other treatments you can do, over time, more hours/days.

“Do not let anyone tell you ‘it’s not a real job’.”

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After sharing her story, @nickieshairbeauty’s followers flocked to support her on her achievements.

One wrote: “Phenomenal” as another added: “Yes girl.” Meanwhile, a third said that they had “inspired” them to follow their career dream.

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