People say my daughter will be bullied over her unique name but she’s one-and-a-half and I still love it

A MUM has hit back at trolls criticising her 18-month-old daughter's unique name, insisting she still loves it.

In a recent TikTok video alongside her little girl, singer and influencer CC Clarke found herself subjected to cruel comments about the unusual moniker.

"HAHAH BIRDYBLUE that kid gonna get bullied but okkk," one person wrote.

"Glad she won’t be at school with you Faye," CC replied in a video on TikTok.

"My little Birdyblue is 18months already."

But in the comments on her video, other people were quick to insist that they love the name.

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"No she will have loads of friends because she has the coolest name out of all her friends & she won’t be like people like this!!" one person wrote.

"If anything they'll be jealous their names aren't unique as hers," another added.

"I wish my daughter could say she’s got BirdyBlue as a best friend cause she seems the most loveliest little girl ever and the coolest name," a third wrote.

"They say this about my baby’s name ‘ wolfie-Bleu’ I think unique names are beautiful," another mum added.

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While another comment read: "Birdyblue is gorgeous, people need to get a grip of themselves."

CC is also mum to three-month-old daughter Goldie Lyric.

She announced her youngest's equally unusual name in a video on TikTok, and again was met with largely positive remarks.

"Goldie?!?! I LOVE IT!!!! Congratulations! She’s a beaut!" one person wrote.

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"Goldie Lyric awww such a unique name," another added.

"Love the name!! Like Goldie Hawn," a third weighed in.

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