People say mom bods aren’t attractive but I totally disagree – so I posed in my bikini to prove it | The Sun

A WOMAN has proved haters who say mom bods aren't hot, wrong.

The mom did an impromptu outfit change to show and not tell.

Bri, @britakescareofyou, has dedicated her TikTok channel to content that lifts up moms and older women.

She shared the spicy Tiktok with her 50k following in response to trolls who don't believe that moms could still rock it.

The video, sarcastically captioned: "No, mom bods are not attractive," is a comment from viewers that she strongly disagrees with.

She donned a fuchsia bathrobe before swapping it out for a matching two-piece bikini, to the shock and awe of her viewers.

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Older videos suggest that she may have had insecurities about her physique in the past, in a video captioned: "Men always think I'm attractive until they see….my mom bod."

"Lol you're funny," said one commenter.

"That is not a 'mom bod', sorry to tell you," said another.

Another video captioned "My ex said my body wasn't feminine enough," reveals her struggle to conform to the male ideal of the female body.

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Viewers were quick to reassure her, however.

"He doesn't know a good meal when he sees one,"said one follower.

"He needs to get his eyes checked, I think you are perfect," said another.

"Your ex's opinion has been vetoed. Sincerely, All Real Men," said a third.

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