People judge me for piercing young daughter's ears twice but I love it & think it looks great | The Sun

A MOTHER has divided opinion after revealing she had her young daughter's ears pierced twice.

The woman, who posts under the acronym @quianafamily6, took to TikTok and shared a video of her toddler wearing a small gold hoop in her first ear piercing and a silver stud in the second.

The mum can then be seen miming to a song in the background which says: "I love it, I think that it's different."

The post has since gone viral and racked up a whopping 5.4 million views and thousands of comments – with responses very mixed.

While some told how they're thankful their parents got their ears pierced while they were young, others weren't quite so convinced.

"As a baby I would be happy my mum did it – now I'm way too scared and I would’ve loved it," wrote one.


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A second commented: "I got this done too very young, so thankful."

A third quipped: "Wish mine pierced my nose too!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "My grandma did this to me – thankful I got them when I was a baby."

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However, others who were pierced young argued they wish they could've made the decision for themselves, with others warning of the dangers.

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"That hoop is going to mess up the holes in the future," argued one.

Another penned: "It’s so cute but idk why I couldn’t ever bring myself to do this."

A third recalled: "I pierced a new born second holes at my job. I was shook."

A further pointed out: "My mum pierced my ears at 3 months & they got caught in a blanket & I ripped them out now I have a rip in my ear and can’t wear earrings."

And one more added: "I got my ears pierced as a kid and i super wish my mum didn’t make that decision for me cause I hate earrings on my body."

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