People are going wild over mum's idea to swap one chocolate a day advent for one BOOK a day for her kids

Mum-of-two, Kate Lawther, gives her children their very own bookvent each December, which sees her children unwrap a different book each day until Christmas.

The woman who is a member of the Extreme couponing and bargains UK group on Facebook, posted her creation into the feed, explaining she buys her books from charity shops, Home Bargains and B&M to keep it inexpensive.

She then wraps each individual book so her kid's have something new to read each night before bed – making it a fun and educational advent.

The bookvent is a replacement for the more typical calendars children receive filled with chocolates behind a door.

Parents also often create DIY calendars with wooden houses, filling each drawer with a selection of their kid's favourite sweets.

But this mum's new approach to advent is drawing a lot of positivity.

She's received hundreds of comments on her post.

Comments include: "I did this last year and my daughter loved it. Such a good idea for them?".

As well as: "I'm going to do this my daughter who is 4 loves a story every night for bed without fail she would love this idea thank you xxx" [sic].

Some shared their tips on keeping it cheap too: "We got all christmas stories in the 10 for 10 a couple of years ago and wrap the same books each year for advent (as we dont read the christmas books any other time of year)". [sic]

Another said: "Did it for my lot and I've now passed the books onto my neighbours children and try and buy new ones to put into the mix each year, they love it."

Kate said she hopes it inspires more reading, which is why she does it each year.

No doubt something many parents hope for in an age of computer gaming.

But with so much debate surrounding the sugar tax implementation this year, in an attempt to tackle the obesity crisis, this is yet another reason why this mum may be onto something.

Of course this isn't the first creative advent calendar, with companies now trying to entice adults into buying more expensive options for themselves such as beauty calendars and booze-filled advents, though of course they're slightly less educational than the bookvent, though arguably as fun.

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