Parents mocked for baby name which ‘literally scrapes the bottom of the barrel’ and sounds like it’s ‘out of a cookbook’ | The Sun

A UNIQUE baby name with several meanings had Reddit users trying to decipher the parent's intention's with their choice of moniker.

Some compared it to something you would stumble across in a cookbook, while others likened it to an object used to scrape things.

Taking to a Reddit forum in which baby names are often critiqued, a user of the platform (@loop1124) shared the moniker that had people talking.

There was an image of a knit sweater fit for a tot with their given name stitched into it: "dredge."

"I'm at a loss for this one…" the Reddit user wrote in the post, displaying their utter confusion.

Bewildered, other Reddit users flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the interesting name.

"Scraping the bottom of the barrel for names, literally," one wrote, perhaps taking into account that a dredge is a device used to bring up objects or mud from a river or seabed by scooping or dragging.

"They do know what that word means, right?" a second person inquired.

"Someone’s a REAL big fan of that game!" a third wrote, likely referring to the Dredge game for Nintendo Switch, a single-player fishing adventure.

Other people were fixated on the food-related meaning of the name.

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"Dredge.. like chicken?" one questioned.

"Instruction on a recipe for chicken – great. Name – no," a second person said.

"Instead of a baby name book they used a cookbook," a third added.

Another viewer of the thread wrote: "I really hope this is a last name…"

And others were not convinced that the name was anything but a part of their wildest dreams.

"Stop this cannot be real," one person wrote.

"Dredge? Is that what I’m reading? WTF?" a second added.

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