New TikTok trend claims to create abs without dieting – does it work?

SOCIAL media is a place that many of us go to for inspiration for everything from fashion, our meals and our workouts.

One TiKTok trend is now popping up across platforms as it promises women will get abs with an easy workout that you don't even have to go to the gym for.

Many women have posted their success stories online after doing the programme – which makes no mention of healthy eating or other exercise as part of the journey to washboard abs.

So what is this new craze and can it actually help you lose weight?

The routine is a set of abdominal exercises that are performed together at speed to make it look as though you are dancing.

It's suppose to target the ab muscles and reduce belly fat to help you get a smaller waist.

The videos are everywhere and were originally posted by Janny14906 who is seen shouting instructions at the women and dancing alongside them, in her captions she says: "As long as you enjoy the skinny come together".

She says that each movement requires five minutes of exercise and that you should see results in a month.

But does it actually work? Or is it just another TikTok trend.

Speaking to The Sun personal trainer and pilates instructor, Hollie Grant said this trend was "all levels of bonkers".

Holly, who is the founder of Pilates PT said the speed and intensity of the exercises could be dangerous – especially if you have some sort of back injury.

She explained: "If the claim is that you can lose weight from your stomach in particular with this (or any dance) it’s inaccurate.

"We cannot 'spot reduce' one area of the body when it comes to fat/weight loss.

"Fat loss works like taking off a layer of clothing – we reduce all over, not in one very specific place on the body."

She added that this part of the body has numerous abdominals that need different movements to activate them.

She said while the exercise might assist endurance it doesn't help with strength or power.

"It will not strengthen your “Core” because your core is made up of many muscles, with different functions.

"It will simply make you better as that one movement – in what part of your life is that going to help you? Sex maybe, but that’s about it!"

Most stomach exercises are done on the floor and Holly says that this is to add more weight to the exercise.

Holly added: "The speed and intensity of this exercise is also pretty dangerous if you have any form of back injury (or are on that trajectory).

"I don’t think many people will have good technique here, and aggressively flexing your lower back like this is not going to be good for everyone. 

"But my biggest criticism of this, as with so many others trends, is that it’s so ALL OR NOTHING!. Why can’t we use our common sense, slow things down, do a bit of everything, and stop going so “all in”.

"Our bodies are not amazon prime products – they do not land on your mat a few hours after ordering."

Our bodies, Holly said, take time to grow and require you to care for them with effort and knowledge.

"Stop turning to Tiktok for fitness advice – turn to the experts!", she said.

If you do want to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles then Holly said you need to look at exercises, such as pilates, that use exercises grounded in functional movement.

Holly explained that one of the only ways to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit, and that exercise on its own won't help you lose weight.

She did however say that more guidance is needed around weightloss as it is different for everyone.

In principle she said: "Move more, eat in line with the NHS guidelines (they may not be sexy but they are rooted in science) and don’t go on fad liquid diets or take weight loss supplements!"

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