THE PAGE OF SWORDS card in a tarot deck signifies a new direction or perspective.

The sword suit symbolizes themes like action and intellect. planning and inspiration. The card also means you are guarded and vigilant.

The card signifies being a communicator, chatty, direct and truthful. In the negative, a person can also be deceitful or a bit of a gossip but they do not mean to cause harm.

What does the Page of Swords reveal in relationships?

For someone single who pulls this card, the Page of Swords may be telling a person to make more of an effort to socialize in order to meet someone.

If you’re hoping for a relationship, this card symbolizes it will take longer and you need to be patient.

If you’re waiting for news in a relationship, this card means that it will be delayed.

If you’re in a relationship, the Page of Swords can mean there may be some conflict because you’re allowing yourself to be drawn into unnecessary arguments with your partner.

Don’t allow every small disagreement turn into a full blown argument. Stand up for important things but let the little things slide.

What does the Page of Swords reveal in career and money?

The Page of Swords means you are highly intelligent and full of bright ideas. You are ambitious and may be dreaming of a successful career when it appears.

This card can suggest you may  need to further your education in order to move up the career ladder.

In terms of finances, this card suggests you have lots of ideas for making money but it may take longer.

Listen to sound financial advice when it’s offered. You may need to turn to someone with experience to make your goals come true.

What are the Major Arcana cards in Tarot?

The Fool – Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit

The Magician – manifestation, resourcefulness, power

The High Priestess – intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine

The Empress – Femininity, beauty, nature

The Emperor – authority, establishment, structure

The Hierophant – spiritual wisdom

The Lovers – love, harmony, relationships

The Lovers – love, harmony, relationships

The Chariot – control, willpower, success

Justice – fairness, truth, law

Strength – strength, courage, influence

The Hermit – soul searching, inner guidance

Wheel of Fortune – good luck, karma, life cycles 

The Hanged Man – pause, surrender, letting go

Death – endings, change, transitions

Temperance – balance, moderation, patience

The Devil – shadow self, addiction, restriction

The Tower – sudden change, upheaval, chaos

The Star – hope, faith, purpose, spirituality

The Moon – illusion, fear, anxiety

The Sun – positivity, fun, warmth, success

Judgment – rebirth, inner calling

The World – completion, accomplishment, travel


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