My wife went into labour & our 2-year-old reacted in the best way – she should have been the designated birthing partner | The Sun

A DAD has revealed his daughter’s hilarious reaction to her mum being in labour – and people can’t believe she didn’t end up in the delivery room. 

Gareth took to TikTok to share his daughter’s sweet attempt to distract her mum during her contractions – by pretending she was also in labour. 

Now people are calling for her to be awarded the title of a certified doula – while another claimed she’d ‘won’ the internet. 

Alongside the short video of his wife and daughter, Gareth said: “My two yr old took the p*** when my wife was going into labour!”

Over the video, he added: “I took this literally three hours before my wife gave birth… my two-year-old was having contractions too!”

During the seven-second video, Gareth wife Alice is seen standing in the middle of the room, bouncing and taking deep breaths as she has contractions. 


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Behind her, her daughter is also seen bouncing up and down while taking exaggerated breaths. 

Alice is seen laughing before waving her hands and trying to bounce through the pain again. 

Gareth’s daughter’s reaction attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 84,900 likes and 3.7 million views. 

Known online as @garetholiverofficial regularly shares entertaining videos of his family with his 9,700 followers. 

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In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one joking: “Certified doula.”

“Oh god wish she was in the room when I was in labour, I would’ve laughed my way thru it lol,” commented another. 

A third put: “Support comes in all forms and ages apparently.”

“Winning the internet w this,” added another. 

“True meaning of ride or die,” suggested someone else.

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