My toxic mother-in-law brought her NEIGHBOUR to my birth – I was fuming but my husband didn’t say a word

GIVING birth for the first time is a frightening experience for many mums, with most pregnant women opting for just one or two family members to stay in the room as it happens.

But one new mum has revealed her birth horror story after her mother-in-law turned up in the delivery room uninvited and brought a total stranger with her.

TikTok user @paolalovesj, who goes by Paola online, made a number of videos detailing the ordeal – but her mother in law's alleged bizarre behaviour doesn't stop there.

Paola also claims her mother in law demands to know how the couple are spending their money and guilt trips her for buying things.

Speaking in one TikTok clip, Paola said: "We got married very young, we were 18 and I was pregnant.

"I'd met my mother in law a handful of times, and one of those times she introduced me to her neighbour. I never saw this lady again.

"Months later, I'm in labour. My mother in law shows up uninvited, and guess who she brings with her? The neighbour!

"I was in labour and it was my first baby, so I was obviously terrified. My mum and husband were with me, and then here comes my mother in law with the neighbour. "

What's more, Paola claims the neighbour outstayed her welcome and even started sharing unprovoked birth advice as the expectant mum went through labour.

Paola continued: "I look at my mum like, 'What the f***?' but I was very new to married life and didn't want to create drama so I didn't say anything.

"The neighbour comes and starts praying over me, giving me advice and telling me what to do, how to breathe and rubbing my legs. Again, I'd met this lady just one time before. Why would my mother in law

"I was so uncomfortable. My biggest regret is not saying anything, and the fact that my husband didn't say anything really pissed me off.

"That's the kind of s**t my mother in law does."

After that ordeal, Paola claims there have been more issues between herself and her husband's mum.

The woman allegedly quizzes Paola on the couple's finances and complains that her son is 'working too hard'.

"I'm a stay at home mum and I'm very appreciative of that. My husband knows how thankful I am.

"Mother in law feels like she needs to ask inappropriate questions that are not her business.

"When she sees that I've bought something new, she asks, 'how much did that cost? How many hours is he geeting? Is he working overtime?' and if I say yes, she's bothered by it.

"She'll ask how much his cheques are and how much he makes an hour. I just think that's not her business."

Paola claims she accepted her mother in law's behaviour for years but she decided to cut off contact with the mum after the two had a huge falling out.

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