My sugar daddy has given me $1 million in gifts – we have an open love life, I don't care that people think he's my dad | The Sun

A FORMER showgirl, who fell in love wither her sugar daddy, revealed what their relationship is like.

The couple, who often gets mistaken for father and daughter, have been together since 2014.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo, 32, was dancing at a gentlemen's club when she first met Prince, 46, and they’ve been “inseparable” ever since.

The Florida native spoke to The U.S. Sun about the ins and outs of her relationship, which has so far amassed to $1million worth of gifts.

Prince treats her "like a princess" and has bought her everything from designer clothes to a BMW to her own house.

Emily also receives a monthly allowance, sometimes reaching$50,000, to spend on whatever she wants.

Describing the moment they met, Emily said: "One night, once my seven-inch heels were on, my face painted with overpriced makeup and my body drenched in Victoria's Secret body spray, I began my set onstage.

“My eyes became fixated on this handsome rugged man with long hair, and I felt compelled to say hello," she revealed.

The showgirl added: “I ended up sitting on his lap. He looked into my eyes, felt my right ass cheek, and from that moment, we’ve been inseparable."

Prince, who owns a landscaping company, returned to the strip club "every night for three months."

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After joking with Emily that he "cuts grass for a living," he eventually told her the truth, and "the sugar daddy arrangement happened naturally."

In return, Emily travels with Prince for work, supports him, does his cleaning and laundry, and helps him with his paperwork “like a sexy secretary."

And Emily admits the couple spiced up their sex life by bringing her female friends into the mix, and they are considering swinging.

The couple has also attended nudist resorts during their time together.

While Prince has taken her on all-expenses-paid trips to Canada, California, Vegas, Costa Rica, and Africa, it wasn't until later that Emily realized he truly cared for her.

Emily said she knew Prince had “true intentions” when he generously took care of her grandmother’s funeral in 2015.

She said: “My friends and family knew he was my sugar daddy but they thought he was so sweet and could tell he cared about my well-being."

Eventually, Emily's allowance became investments in her businesses, and the couple became business partners.

"I was able to use the allowance to fund my business ventures including my makeup line, help my mom with her mortgage as well as buy other properties," she told The U.S. Sun.

The couple moved in together in 2017 and enjoy their lavish lifestyle.

"We go to the best restaurants and I never have to check how much anything costs because I can get whatever I want. Being a provider for me is his love language," Emily explained.

She said he has also splashed out on a house in Orlando as a treat, a 7 series BMW, and he once took a private jet to the Caribbean to spend the weekend with her.

“He has treated me to a $10,000 Rolex watch as well as Michael Kors, Gucci, and Coast bags and shoes which can cost anything from $500 each up to $2500," she said.

Emily continued: “He used to spend thousands on me weekly and now I have a budget that exceeds that. He's 14 years older than me so he’s like a father figure to me as he makes me feel protected."

Emily says people ask her if Prince is her dad but the couple think it’s funny and show off with over-the-top public displays of affection.

“I'd never had a real relationship before. I’d only ever had sugar daddy relationships so to have this true, authentic love is amazing," she revealed.

The businesswoman continued: “We’ve been together for nearly five years now and love each other so much. We are each other's better half and help each other thrive.

“When we first met, I thought our relationship was lust but quickly realized it was love. He and I have grown to become best friends, lovers, and now business partners," Emily said.

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Emily's makeup line the Siren Series, a nod to her work as a mermaid, donates a percentage of sales to her non-profit Supporting Water.

Apart from continuing to travel, Emily and Prince hope to start a family and open their own strip club to commemorate the beginning of their love story.

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