My nightmare neighbour keeps using MY hose to water his garden – he's using my water too, I'm furious | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than a neighbour who oversteps the mark, especially when they keep doing it.

But as soon as it starts costing you money something probably has to be said.

That's what one Quora user discovered when their neighbour starting using the users hose to water their garden.

The worst past is the hose was still attached to the users house, meaning they were paying for ever drip they used.

The user explained: "My neighbour is using my hose, and my water, to water his front yard.

"He has completely removed his own hose, and I keep finding mine halfway across his yard when I roll it up after use."

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Asking fellow users for help, the owner of the hose wrote: "what can I do?"

Some people thought he should confront the annoying neighbour, one said: "Next time you’re talking to him play dumb.

"Be like, 'hey Jimmy, is someone using your water lately? My water bill has been so high and I think some idiot has been using my hose have you seen anything?

"It’s gotta be some neighbourhood jerk who isn’t using their own. Drives me nuts. I should really report this to the police.'”

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A second revealed that something similar happened to her: "We had this happen when we moving in our new place.

"We saw the hose going over the fence and next door neighbours were filing up their pool.

"We took pictures of this and video making sure to show hose in their pool. 

Other users suggested simply buying locks to add the the faucets outside his house.

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