My neighbour's six kids bombard me with questions every time I'm in my garden & even kicked my fence down, I'm fuming | The Sun

A WOMAN has told of her anger after her neighbour's six children constantly bombard her with questions every time she steps into her own garden.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and explained how she just wants to enjoy her garden without having to have a conversation with her neighbour's kids, who range from ages two to nine.

In the post, she penned: "Our neighbours have six kids. They don't go out much because the crowd control is too much for the parents…I never even see them down the local park which is a stone's throw away."

"So they play out in the garden a lot, which is fine, and they're pretty bored, which is not so fine."

"The problem is that as soon as I go in to the garden they hang over/ through the fence bombarding me with constant questions. It's driving me insane!"

It's the usual kids stuff 'miss, miss, miss, why are you doing xyz?' etc etc. Ignoring doesn't help much, they're relentless."


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She added: "We've put a 6ft fence up but, helpfully the neighbours put their swing too close to the fence so now they've broken the fence by kicking it every time they swing up, which of course p***** me off."

She went on to explain that while the parents said they'd repair the fence, she hasn't seen any action towards it yet.

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"So now they have a hole in the fence through which they can have their daily entertainment," she continued.

"At one point I am going to snap and then of course I am the bad guy."

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I have already snapped a little the other day by saying I didn't want to talk to them, they should go and entertain themselves and that I didn't want to see them in the fence any more. Followed by an 'Out, NOW!'"

"This worked, so tbh, I may deploy it again. I did get a feeble 'why do you not want to talk to us', but thankfully I didn't give any answer to that."

The woman went onto say that while she doesn't mind having the occasional conversation, she also just wants to be able to enjoy her own garden in some "peace and quiet."

It wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section – with many offering some words of advice.

"Patch up the fence, and ask the neighbours to move the swing to protect the temporary repairs?" suggested one.

A second advised: "Headphones. They don't even have to be attached to anything."

A third commented: "Once the fence is fixed can you add some trellis and train some creepers up it? 6 feet is too low, sometimes you just want to wander around the garden and not have to nod and talk to anyone."

Meanwhile, a further added: "I'd fix the fence at my own expense for my sanity's sake."

Then nicely ask that the swing be moved back a bit next time you see the parents. Just explain you've had to mend the fence."

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