My neighbour’s accused me of stealing his tree and has demanded I give it back – he’s crazy, I’ve done nothing wrong | The Sun

OUR garden is our personal space and plenty of people would kick up a stink if their neighbour's tree was overgrowing into their garden.

But one woman revealed she liked her neighbour's overhanging Willow tree so much that she decided to take some cuttings and plant her own.

However, things haven't gone quite to plan as her neighbour spotted the trees grown from the cuttings and demanded them back.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained she had not had any dealings with her neighbour prior to this incident.

She added that the tree slightly overhangs her border but was happy to keep it as it provided nice shade on hot evenings.

Since the tree overhangs, the woman decided to take a few cuttings and plant them to create her own willow garden.


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She adds: “These willows have absolutely taken off. 

“There’s about six in total, all taken from branch cuttings. They are really tall now and can be seen from over the fence (which is six foot!)."

But now her neighbour has spotted them and demanded that 'his property' be returned to him.

She continued: “He says I had no right to cut the willow and that they have always been his property even though I have nurtured them to life in the form of new trees. 

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"He says he will be contacting the police and threatening legal action. 

“He told me that the willow is taken from cuttings of a family tree that was in his mothers garden and he considers it family property which he wanted to hand down to his kids but I’ve now stolen that from him?

“He is absolutely crazy to be honest and I’ve had no previous dealings with him and I’m glad of that now!”

Wanting to seek reassurance, she asked users on the forum where she stands in the matter – and many told her to ignore her 'nightmare' neighbour.

One wrote: "Ignore him and let him crack on. He is going to have to prove you didn't offer them back, which he can’t. He sounds insane.”

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Another said: "I'd let him crack on with the police or solicitors, if the cutting was done on your land, and provided the tree wasn't damaged and the plant wasn't under a patent. I can't see what crime has been committed.”

A third commented: "Legally you should have offered any cuttings back to him. Could you not have just said you got them from elsewhere?”

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