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A MAN has revealed that a feud with his neighbour is out of control after the man refused to stop luring nightmare pests into their community. 

Matthew claims to have pleaded with his neighbour Darren to stop interacting with the wild iguanas, after discovering he had been inviting them into his garden and feeding them with his MOUTH. 

Matthew claims the reptiles, which live in the lake near their gated community, have been destroying plants and sections of their homes when burrowing underneath. 

But his neighbour Darren has refused, due to the fact that the animals are now his ‘friends’. 

Matthew, based in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, US, decided to reach out to American TV host Dr Phil, in the hope he could change his neighbour’s mind.  

On an episode of the talk show shared on YouTube, the American TV host is heard explaining why his behaviour has become such a problem in the local community. 


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He said: “Florida Wildlife says there is an infestation of iguanas… you’re drawing them into your yard and you’re feeding them out of your mouth. 

“And they have Salmonella, you can get botulism, this can cause paralysis.”

But Darren refused to accept this, even admitting he had previously been bitten by one of the reptiles and had not 'yet' been infected. 

Sharing how he feels about his neighbour’s complaints, he said: “Honestly, I’m doing me, man… if it’s making me feel good, I don’t care what they think.”

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Matthew, appearing via video link, took the chance to appeal to his neighbour again, adding: “Here’s the problem. Do what you do inside your own walls. 

“You can’t do what you do when you live in a gated community when the houses are connected. It affects everybody.

“That’s the biggest problem, that you doing this nonsense has affected everybody.”

However Darren explained that he wasn’t continuing to feed the wildlife because he wanted to – it was because he believes the iguanas now expect him to provide for them. 

“The one’s that do like me and love me and have a vibe towards me, they expect me to come outside and feed them.”

Dr Phil replied: “You need to get a life, not a lizard.” 

The TV host went on to share that there are signs around the local community that reads: “Beware of alligators, snakes and unknown wildlife in lake.”

At the bottom, it also states: “Do not feed any wildlife.”

Darren responsed: “It doesn’t say don’t feed iguanas, it’s not specific. Alligators, snakes and unknown wildlife. Unknown is not an iguana.”

He added: “That’s not black and white.”

Continuing to justify his actions, he said: “It says ‘do not feed any wildlife’, well guess what? They’re not wildlife to me…it’s my friend.”

He also compared the iguanas to homeless people, and asked whether the same response would be accepted if talking about humans. 

The feud attracted plenty of attention online, with the YouTube video gaining more than 6,686 views. 

In the comments, people shared their reactions – with some even jumping to Darren’s defence. 

One wrote: “Darron.  Keep Being happy. Feeds those Aguanas – I’d. Love to have. You as a neighbor!!!!!”

“This was wildly entertaining no pun intended,” commented another. 

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Another sided with Matthew, adding: “The sign is plain as the nose on your face. Someone needs to give this guy a clue. If he wants to feed them then let him git one as a pet and keep it in his home. Otherwise have your homeowners association make him move. He is acting like a child.”

Someone else joked: “Is this guy like the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady? I'm just wondering.”

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