My neighbour sent a note about what I wear to take out the rubbish… I don't care what they see on their video doorbell | The Sun

EVERYONE can keep an eye on everyone else thanks to the immense popularity of video doorbells.

But one person saw a bit too much when their neighbour took out the rubbish recently.

Emily took to TikTok to reveal the note she'd received from the people next door, which read: "Hi, my husband can see you on our Ring camera.

"Please put pants on when you take out your trash."

The message was signed from "your neighbour".

However, while some might have been embarrassed that their neighbour had seen them without trousers, Emily was less than bothered.

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"Nah I’m good luv enjoy," she captioned her video.

People took to the comments section to weigh in on the note, with one suggesting: "Write back. 'Thanks but I'm good. Talk to your husband, not me'."

"The husband probably doesn’t mind I bet," another wrote.

"The husband doesn't mind but he got in trouble by the wife," someone else agreed.

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"Tell them to turn off the camera!" another comment read.

While someone else admitted: "That makes me wonder who can see me from my backyard."

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"Hey there, the house next to me is for rent," another person hilariously wrote.

"Wish you were my neighbour," someone else sighed.

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