My mother-in-law took over my wedding – she even changed the date without our permission

A GROOM-to-be is at wit’s end about how his future wedding day is unfolding. 

He said his mother-in-law has hijacked his big day and even changed the date without consulting him or his fiancée.  

The upset man, who posted anonymously on Reddit, said the issues started when he and his fiancée accepted money from his in-laws as a gift for their wedding.

“We started the discussions about having a wedding and her parents gave us two options: They would either pay for our wedding up to $20,000 or they would give us $20,000 to go towards a house,” he recalled. 

Since he and his bride-to-be didn’t need money for a house, they graciously accepted the donation for their special day.

That’s when the mother-in-law started acting like it was her own wedding.

“She started off by ordering things that we didn’t want or ask for without consulting us,” the man explained.

“We were annoyed, but we didn’t pay too much attention to it because we figured she was just trying to help.

“Next thing we know, she starts doing the things that we were planning to do, like sampling the food, picking the vendors, etc.”

When his future wife chatted to her mother about it, the mother said she “had to” take such drastic steps for their wedding because they weren’t. 

The poster, however, said they did in fact have plans for wedding cake tastings and appointments with vendors scheduled.

The daughter went from annoyed to “furious” when her mother expected her and her groom to handle the alcohol bill because the mother decided to buy “an unnecessary carriage ride” instead.

However, nothing enraged the engaged couple more when they found out that the mother-in-law took it upon herself to postpone the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This happened after the bride and groom sat the mother-in-law down and said they were “absolutely having the wedding, regardless of COVID” because the date had already been postponed once.

Because they already had a small wedding ceremony amid the pandemic, the couple had the option to cancel the big wedding or wait until 2022. 

The mother-in-law said they would only receive $5,000 from their original $20,000 wedding gift if they canceled, so the bride decided it would be best to wait it out.

“We will have been married for two years when this ‘wedding’ happens,” the groom concluded, clearly exhausted by the ordeal. 

Fellow Reddit users were just as baffled by the situation and offered the defeated man messages of sympathy.

“Your wedding has turned into her full-time hobby, and that's unfair to you both,” one person wrote. 

Another suggested turning down any remaining money from the mother-in-law and funding the wedding themselves.

“Without mother-in-law’s money contributions it may be a smaller, less lavish event, but also without her interference it will be filled with fun and laughs.”

While the mother-in-law seems to have taken over planning the entire wedding, hopefully she realizes it’s not actually her wedding and refrains from wearing a bridal gown to the event unlike one who was vented about online by another Reddit user.

The poster revealed her mother-in-law committed the sin during her big day, but her husband got revenge when he smashed the wedding cake all over her face.

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