My man is 33 years older than me, we get trolled all the time but we're not bothered

A COUPLE with a 33-year age gap explained that they don't care about the haters who troll them online, as they're just focused on each other.

Mich and Dave post regular videos about their relationship including TikTok trend dances and vlogs showcasing their day to day life.

They get plenty of cruel comments from followers about their large age gap but insist the the trolls "need to chill".

The pair revealed more about their dynamic in a cute video where Mich confessed to being "the one who's always eating" and Dave said he was definitely the best driver.

Commenting on the fun clip one person said: "Bloke is punching , well done sir."

While another said: "In it for the cash, respect."

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One person commented on a dancing video simply saying: "Just wrong."

Another person agreed: "So wrong." and suggesting that he should feel bad for going to bed with someone so much younger than him.

A third said: "That’s not love that’s taking advantage. Truth."

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The couple, who are based in Australia, have said constantly: "We really don't care what they say."

But the pair do have plenty of supporters who defended their love.

One person said: "I think haters can’t find their love life! If you can’t say nice just leave. Get a life!

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"They’re both happy and in love! There’s nothing wrong with that."

Another person agreed: "Age doesn't matter."

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