My 'Karen' neighbor interrupted me in the bathroom – then threatened to call the police for the stupidest reason | The Sun

A DAD has revealed the shocking reason why his neighbor threatened to report him to the police.

Harvey, who lives in the UK, left his TikTok followers speechless after filming a bizarre interaction with his ‘Karen' neighbor.

The father-of-five revealed that he was using the bathroom when his neighbor began to knock on the window.

“I’m knocking on the window because there is a terrible smell around here,” the neighbor said.

“Well yeah, I’m using the toilet,” Harvey replied.

“God, yes. But I think there is a gas leak, I don’t think it’s you,” she stuttered. 

“No, no, no. I’m doing a poo,” Harvey said.

“Oh God, that’s made me feel really queasy,” she replied.

“Look, I’m going to have to shut that frigging window. It stinks.”

Harvey’s frustrated neighbor attempted to close the window as he argued that he’s still using the toilet.

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“One second, let me flush,” Harvey said as the woman failed to shut it.

“You’ve really made me feel quite sick,” she continued.

“You spray that with air freshener right now because I’ve got people coming round.

“You spray that with air freshener and get rid of that stink because it’s absolutely vile. 

“Or else I’m going to call the police.”

Harvey was astounded as the woman took her phone out and continued to yell about the stench circulating in the courtyard.

“Bloody disgusting. I’m phoning them now, I’m not having this,” she said.

“What excuse me, police he’s doing a poo?” Harvey scoffed.

“Yes I’m going to tell the police that you’re doing a big poo and it stinks,” the neighbor said.

“Bloody vile. What have you eaten?” she added.

Harvey captioned the post, writing: “#Karen #neighbor #viralvideo #TikTokNews #Trending #FYPage #FunnyTok”

The video attracted hundreds of views with commenters in hysterics and hoping for a part two.

“To be honest mine really stink too lmao,” one wrote.

“Oh stop it. This can’t be real,” another said with a laughing emoji.

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“Brilliant,” a third chimed in. 

“Where’s part two. I need part two,” a fourth added. 

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