My hairdresser promised he could make me platinum blonde – instead, my hair went blue & now I always have to wear a hat

ACHIEVING that perfect platinum blonde shade is a complicated task that even the most experienced hair professionals can sometimes mess up.

However, one hairdresser seemed dedicated and had promised his client, Christie Lee Powell, there wouldn't be a reason to worry – she'd walk out of the salon with fresh locks of platinum blonde hair.

Christie trusted him – after all, she had been going to him for all of her hair worries for the last two years.

She was even very excited for the new change as she shared a snap saying: ''My turn for a pamper!'' that day.


However, what followed couldn't have been any further from a pampering session – instead of taking a light shade, Christie's hair had gone…turquoise blue.

She was determined to reach the final look she had initially hoped for – we're also pretty sure she wasn't too keen on walking around with blue hair for the rest of her life – so a second appointment was arranged.

After the second session, Christie said, her locks went ''bright blue, orange and white blonde''.

To make sure she wasn't left with a bald head, Christie's hairdresser suggested they gave the already damaged and bleached hair a breather and told her to visit him the following week so it could be ''fixed''.

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But once the time for the hair rescue had come, he was nowhere to be seen.

''He's ignored all my calls and messages and won't reply to me!'' Christie was desperate.

With no help available, she decided to take matters in her own hands: ''So I've had to try and fix it myself…

''My hair is actually destroyed and now I need to find a new hairdresser!

''Any tips to salvage what hair I have left?''

One viewer seemed to have the perfect solution: ''Shave it and wait!''

A hairdresser agreed: ''Go short, get all that dead hair to cut off and you will be surprised how fast it grows!''

Another TikToker was convinced it wasn't the hairdresser's fault: '' You kept dying it and dying it when it was already platinum?

''Think it was you who ruined it!''

''That was painful to watch how many times it was bleached,'' is how a fellow blonde felt about the situation.

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