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A CLEANING whizz has taken to social media to share her simple hacks that will get your home spotless in no time. 

Laura Mountford, who posts on Instagram as @lauracleanaholic, has amassed an impressive 522k followers on the social media app, where she regularly shares her cleaning tips and tricks.

In one of her recent clips, Laura shared her simple hacks that will get your home looking fresh, with barely any effort involved. 

She said: “Time to tackle some deep cleaning filth and jobs that have not been done in a very long time…

“Do you struggle to get deep cleaning jobs ticked off your list? 

“I always put off deep cleaning tasks, the thought of it is so much worse than actually doing it as I always think it will take ages then it really doesn’t with these easy tips.”

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In the clip, we first see Laura start by dry mopping her walls.

She explained: “Dry mopping walls to remove dust and then wet mopping the walls near the front and back doors to remove marks and scuffs. 

“These areas usually get the most mucky so mopping is the quickest way and when you open the front door it smells sooo good as soon as you walk in.”

After this, Laura moves onto her kitchen, where she uses a card, in this case, a Tesco clubcard, wrapped in a cloth, to clean the hard to reach areas under cupboards.

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She added: “Cleaning underneath the kitchen cupboards.

"Try this tip using a card and a cloth, it literally takes five minutes and just look how much dirt I picked up.”

Finally, she then uses a disinfectant and water solution on a cloth to wipe down her kitchen cupboards.

She added: “Wiping down the kitchen cupboards to remove fingerprints, grease and dirt.

“I feel like the whole kitchen is so much fresher now after doing this and it smells amazing too.” 

Instagram users were very impressed with Laura’s hacks and her video has quickly racked up 82.5k likes and 448 comments. 

One person said: “Great tips!” 

Another added: “I need to do those jobs.” 

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A third commented: “Laura, great job I have to wipe down the kitchen cupboards down every day🙈🙈😩 thanks for the reminder to clean under the plinth in the kitchen. Great job as always Laura.”

Whilst someone else noted: “When I have no cleaning motivation you come through with the perfect reel. Though I can't look fit like you when cleaning 😍”

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