My DIY teenage tattoo ruined my love life – dates won't touch me with a barge pole because it’s so trashy

A WOMAN says that her ‘trashy’ teenage tattoo ruined her sex life after she inked it herself at the age of 17.

Holly appeared on E4’s Tattoo Fixers where she showcased her ‘embarrassing’ experimental inking.

“It is ruining my life,” she told tattoo artists Jay and Alice, “I can’t cope with it anymore.”

Explaining why she’d ended up with such a dodgy tat, Holly said: “When I was 17, I had just come out as a lesbian, me and my friend bought a tattoo gun online and just did tattoos on each other.

“It’s in a weird place as well, when the gynaecologist is looking they’re like ‘why have you had that?’ it’s so awkward.”

Holly then lifts up her t-shirt, exposing the ‘Eat Me’ tattoo she has on the lower part of her stomach.

She says: “It’s absolutely awful, I hate it so much – it’s just destroying every part of my sex life.”

Luckily Tattoo Fixer Alice is on hand to cover it up, with Holly opting for a feminine lotus flower design.

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After a painful session in the chair, Holly’s new tattoo is unveiled.

“Omg that’s amazing,” Holly says upon seeing it, “I absolutely love it – it was worth the pain having this.

“I can wear a bikini without having to worry about that trashy tattoo.”

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