My daughters shares the same room so we came up with a cheap solution to give them both privacy

A MUM has revealed how she transformed the bedroom her daughters share in order to give them both privacy.

TikTok user Steph Kyle shared how the little girls used to sleep in single beds side-by-side, but she wanted to give them their own space.

On her @richardstephanie365 account, she uploaded a video with the caption: “Separated the girls bedroom.”

She then showed how her partner had put up a cheap wall to separate the two beds, giving them their own mini room.

She explained: “My husband did it, he’s not a joiner by any means, he built a frame for the wall then put plasterboard up, for the wall it was about £100.

“Instead of a door we put up a curtain.”

Steph also decorated the rooms, adding pink panelling and beds from eBay with plush grey headboards.

The little girls also got mini dressing tables that the mum found on Ikea and Amazon.

Many people praised the end result, and her clip has racked up over 30,000 likes.

One person raved: “As someone who shared a room with their twin sister for most of my life, this is so important for them.”

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Another added: “love this, my girls share too will be deffos on the list once they're abit older.”

A third commented: “Brilliant job well done mama.”

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