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A WOMAN has revealed her clever trick for making fruit and vegetables last for up to a year without them growing mouldy.

Taking to Facebook, she shared how she swears by vacuum packing her tomatoes and fruit to prolong their life.

The food lover explained: “I vacuum sealed mine and they stay good up to a year in the freezer like this.

“A young woman taught me this.”

She showed her tomatoes packaged up in their vacuum pack ready to be frozen for months to come.

Her post has racked up over 3,500 likes and people were quick to comment.

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One said: “Yessssss – it works!”

Another added: “Have frozen whole tomatoes for years!”

According to, the best vegetables for freezing are low-acid veggies.

Their website states: “When freezing vegetables, first blanch them briefly in boiling water. 

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A time of staying the same, perhaps to please another, is over

“Then quickly submerge the veggies in ice water to prevent them from cooking

“Dry thoroughly on paper-towel lined sheet pans. 

“Vacuum seal using vacuum bags or food canisters once cooled, and freeze for long lasting freshness.

“Blanching prevents enzymes from damaging colour, flavour, and nutrients. 

“Blanching also destroys unkind micro-organisms that might be lingering on the surface of vegetables.‪”

And they said all veggies can be vacuumed packed, apart from four in particular.

They explained: “The only vegetables we do not recommend vacuum sealing are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts give off gases when stored. 

“This gas will cause the bag to expand, and the vegetables will spoil. Always blanch vegetables first, then cool, dry, vacuum pack and freeze.”

People were quick to point out that vacuum packing vegetables in this way, can lead to them being mushy when you take them out.

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However, one person added: “They will be ready for sauce … they were frozen and they are now mushy with skins. 

“But excellent for soups or sauces.”

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