My bridesmaid stole £3K and did a runner – we tracked down her mum but then things got even worse | The Sun

IT can be stressful organising a hen weekend.

But for Emma Clair, things were even more difficult – when one of her bridesmaids did a runner with £3,000 just two weeks before the event.

Emma took to TikTok to recall her story, beginning: "My bridesmaid stole money and did a runner."

Revealing that she and her friend were "super super close", she asked her to be a bridesmaid when she got engaged in 2019.

"The time had come when my bridesmaids started to organise my hens weekend, which which was going to be in March 2020," she said.

"And each bridesmaid had a different role, and this bridesmaid in particular – her role was to book the accommodation and be in charge of all the money.

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"I say all the money because we didn’t have just a hens night, we had a whole hens weekend that went over three days.

"So it was a lot of money from a lot of people and I think it ended up being just over $5,000 (£3,000)."

Things had been going smoothly until around a fortnight before the hens weekend, when the bridesmaid started sending messages to Emma and the other bridesmaids to "start drama".

"This went on for a couple of hours before my bridesmaids actually contacted me and said they were starting to stress out because she had stopped replying to them and she had also stopped replying to me," she explained.

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Her husband-to-be and other bridesmaids then called the accommodation to see if they could swap the name over on the booking, at which point they were told that they didn't have a booking and another family was coming in.

"Not only did she steal money but she also never actually booked the accommodation," she said.

Emma's maid of honour then took it upon herself to do some "investigating online", and managed to track down the bridesmaid's mum, who they then got in touch with.

"Without even flinching she transferred us the $5,000 with no questions asked," Emma said.

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"While all this was happening we literally heard nothing from her and realised that she had blocked us on everything."

Once they had their money back, they booked an "epic hens weekend".

"And since this all happened in 2020 we have not heard from her or seen her – so she’s literally fallen off the face of the earth," Emma concluded.

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on Emma's story, with one writing: "WOW that's crazy! what a good friend she was but her Mum bless her.

"You must still find that strange that she just disappeared? …."

"The sad fact her mum immediately transferred it screams she's done this before," another added.

To which Emma replied: "Right!"

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And in another pinned comment, Emma wrote: "The mum mentioned the money wasn’t there so she used her own money & although we got it back I still lost a friendship that I loved!

"That hurt!"

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