My 23-year-old is bringing her boyfriend home for Christmas, I put them in separate beds – but people say I'm ridiculous

A MOTHER explained that her 23-year-old daughter is bringing her boyfriend home for Christmas but she would prefer if they slept in separate beds.

The parent said that her husband was particularly uncomfortable with them sharing and they imposed the same rule last time she brought a partner home.

Despite really liking her daughter's fella, they said they would prefer for them to sleep separately as they weren't married.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman said: "We have [our daughter] and her boyfriend coming tomorrow for Christmas. We’ve met the boyfriend once over lunch, and he is lovely.

"[My husband] wants them to sleep in separate rooms. Now obviously when they are in their own city they must share a bed as they stay over at each other’s places.

"But when our [daughter] had her then boyfriend stay for Christmas when she was 21, we made them sleep in separate beds then.

"Our parents agree as they were not married, but did say things seem very different today."

Fellow Mumsnet users were divided in their opinion, some felt that the couple should be allowed to share a bed.

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One said: "I would let them share a room if they are in a serious enough relationship to be spending Christmas with family."

Another agreed: "What does making them sleep in separate rooms actually achieve other than making them feel like they’re about 15? They’re an adult couple. Ridiculous."

A third said: "I think it would be ridiculous to make them sleep in different rooms."

But others felt that it was important for the family to be comfortable, so agreed that it would be fine to separate the pair.


One said: "I'd say split them up if not doing so will actually upset your [husband] about unfairness/special treatment, in particular if they have been an item for less time than she was with her boyfriend at the time."

Another agreed: "I think it’s fair enough, to be honest.

"My parents knew I was having sex with my boyfriend in my late teens/early twenties but it was very much 'not under our roof', and that’s their choice.

"If you made your daughter sleep separately from her boyfriend then I’d say you have to treat your son the same."

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