Mums rave about B&M’s £1 pink & blue hand gels which have a handle & are perfect for attaching to kids’ clothes & bags

WITH lockdown easing and some children back in school it’s never been more important to make sure they wash their hands or regularly sanitise them. 

Which is why mums are raving about £1 hand gels from B&M, as they come with a handle which they say is perfect for attaching onto kids' clothes and bags. 

The hand cleansing gels are pink with a rainbow on, which smells like strawberry, while the blue one has a cloud design on it, and is peach scented. 

One parent shared their find online, and now mums are snapping them up for their kids.

Writing on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “How brill are these new in today in b&ms £1 each and u can attach to clothing bags uniforms etc the blue is orange and peach scent and pink is strawberry.”

Hundreds of people have liked her post, with some claiming you can refill them tomake them last longer.

One mum said: “Good for kids will av to grab em one weekend.”

Another wrote: “Wonder if you can refill with your own stuff, just handy.”

A third stated: “We need these for the kids!”

This parent commented: “I just bought them so cute.”

While this woman just missed out, saying: “we didn't see these we spent a fortune on the others.” 

And another mum added: “I have one just like this attached to my nappy bag.”

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