Mum transforms rundown ‘drug pit’ into a plush modern family home for just £5k as she shares jaw-dropping makeover pics

A SAVVY mum-of-two has transformed her rundown home – which she claims was full of "fags and drugs" – into a stylish and super luxe space all for just £5,000.

Charlotte Greedy, 28, from Pontyclun, Wales has had a passion for DIY from a young age, and decided to give her own home a makeover turning to Pinterest for inspiration.

The mum, who lives with her partner, Harriet Waite, 31, and her two children, Enzo, 7, and Brody, 4, has been working on her project for two years and wanted a "fresh start" for her family.

Now she shares incredible before and after photos of the property, which she claims was a pit of drugs, cigarettes and trash when she first bought it.

Charlotte threw herself into the DIY project, sourcing budget materials where possible and taking on majority of the project herself.

The end result is incredible with her home now unrecognisable thanks to the super modern white and grey colour palette throughout.

“I’ve always had a passion for DIY and trying to do it on a budget where I can," she said.

“I’ve searched Pinterest since I was a kid and loved watching other people’s transformations, which then led to me doing my own.

“I did the decorating all by myself. I couldn’t afford to renovate my kitchen and bathroom fully when I moved in, so I did them both on a budget."

For the kitchen and bathroom, which cost around £700 in total, the mum-of-two used vinyl flooring from B&M and fastened it with spray glue.

She also painted the tiles and kitchen worktop, as well as applied stick-on tiles to some surfaces to change up the old design.

Additionally, Charlotte ripped out the old cupboards and shelves, adding a matte grey finish.

The remaining budget was spent on furniture and decorations.

Charlotte and her family managed to complete the renovation all on their own, without any help from professionals.

In just two years, the mum-of-two has managed to completely refurbish her home.

Explaining the project, she said: “I used spray glue & vinyl flooring from B&M in my bathroom and painted all my tiles.

“I painted my kitchen cupboard and worktop and used stick-on tiles over the existing ones in the kitchen.

“My kitchen is my favourite renovation I have done although I am obsessed with our garden, which however wasn’t on a budget.

"I love the outcome of what I’ve achieved here, it’s a great feeling knowing I have accomplished that when I had nothing to my name two years ago.

“Everything I’ve done and continue to do is for my two little boys, I’ve worked my socks off to provide them with what we have now."

In a few words of advice for others who wish to renovate their home, Charlotte added: “If you were in the same place I was two years ago with nothing, keep going, do not give up and push through.

“There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and when you can’t afford the nice new kitchen or the nice new bathroom, there are other ways to make them beautiful for such a small cost."

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