Mum shares the clever way she speeds up lunch prep on busy mornings – and it's a life-saver for back-to-school

PACKING school lunches every day should be the least of your concerns, particularly when there's often so much going on on a busy school morning.

Which is why one mum vowed to streamline the process to save her the hassle each day, and the clever hack has won over an army of support.

Mum Lauren Clutter shares her hacks on TikTok and this one in particular went down a treat with other busy mums.

Whether you have one child, or many, it's bound to save you time, and your kids won't even know the difference.

In the clip, which has now been viewed almost twomillion times, Lauren demonstrates slicing open a pack on 12 sandwich rolls.

That's right, rather than breaking each off and making them individually, she simply creates one giant sandwich.


She explains: "Instead of making sandwiches every single day for school lunches, you can get a package of rolls and then just cut down the middle and make it like it's one big sandwich."

Lauren chose cheese and deli meat for her kids' rolls, but you can choose whatever they fancy.

"Then you're going to put it all back together," she continues."And then cut into individual sandwiches and put those into your baggies."

"You can either freeze them or refrigerate and grab out every day whenever you need to pack their lunch."

It goes without saying that other parents were pretty impressed by the hack with many saying it's just what they needed for back-to-school.

"Not just one but two of my kids go to school this year so i needed this," one chuffed parent said.

Another added: "Great idea! Definitely when all my kiddos are in school."

And a third wrote: "You just gave me a great idea! This would be great for my toddler at daycare."

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