Mum shares heartbreaking photo of her baby with coronary heart disease who may risk cardiac arrest just by playing

A MUM has shared a heartbreaking photo of her baby son who is at risk of having a cardiac arrest just from playing as he has coronary heart disease. 

Katie Lawrence, from Warwick, shared an adorable picture of her son Acer beaming outside, and then one of him in hospital with tubes. 

Taking to Facebook, Katie wrote: “THERES A WEEK DIFFERENCE IN THESE PHOTOS. Please share. 

“I need everyone to stop for just a moment. This is something heavy on my heart every day, but today especially.

“CHD is a monster. A terrible, vicious monster that puts so many newborns, infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults through PURE HELL fighting for their lives every single day.#

“CHD is lifelong, there is NO CURE.”

Katie urged people to stop saying “they don’t look sick” when they meet children with coronary heart disease. 

She implored: “No matter how many surgeries, medicines, catherizations, blood transfusions, etc. a CHD child has they will forever live with their defect.

“Under their clothing, hidden beneath their scar, their little hearts have a completely different story to tell.

“It boils my blood these children are suffering because they don’t appear so ill.”

The dedicated mum said that people should also avoid saying “well it’s 2020 they can make advancements to help your kid in a few years” to a family with a member who has heart disease.

Instead, she made a plea for people to donate to organisations who help children like little Acer, such as Tiny Tickers and Little Hearts Matter. 

She wrote: “The unfortunate truth is many of these babies don’t live to see their first birthday. They need help NOW.

What is coronary heart disease?

Coronary heart disease is the term that describes what happens when your heart's blood supply is blocked or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries.

Coronary heart disease cannot be cured but treatment can help manage the symptoms and reduce the chances of problems such as heart attacks.

Source: NHS

“So I’m here to ask you to do everything in your power to help these sweet babies. Pediatric Cardiology is so severely underfunded.

“I strongly encourage you to look into non-profit organizations dedicated to our children.

“No newborn should have their chest cracked open and their heart stopped. 

“No child should be told they can’t go play because they risk cardiac arrest. 

“No teenager should have to limit their goals because they were born with a heart defect. No adult should fear for death as their 30’s approach.”

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