Mum shares easy tip for soothing teething babies’ sore gums – and it's completely free to do

AS we're sure all parents will agree, when your little one is teething – you'll try ANYTHING to soothe their sore gums.

But rather than splashing out on lotions, potions and teething toys, one savvy mum has shared her quick trick which provides some relief for kids – and it couldn't be easier to do.

Posting on her TikTok channel Mommy Academy, Janey revealed how she freezes wash clothes for kids to chew on when they're teething.

Sharing her step-by-step tutorial, the mum begins by dampening clean cloths with cold water.

Next, she rolls them all up and places them in a metal cupcake tray.

After this, she places the tray in the freezer for up to half an hour before giving one of the frozen wash cloths to her teething child.

However, she stresses that you should leave the cloths in the freezer for half an hour maximum to avoid freezer burn.

Janey's video has racked up over 97,000 "likes" on TikTok and proved a hit with parents.

One replied: "Thank you!! My baby is about to pop a couple teeth and this will really help!"

"This works wonders," another gushed.

A third said: "My baby is going through it and this is the amazing hack that I was looking for."

"I’ve heard of people doing this but putting it in a muffin tin is GENIUS," another gushed. "I just folded mine into a boring rectangle."

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