Mum shares clever lawnmower hack & it’ll keep your kids entertained for HOURS in the garden

WANT to keep your kids busy for hours without spending a penny?

A savvy mum has shared her clever lawnmower hack which means her kids have their own racing track round the garden.

Samantha Hunnisett, who has a set of twins aged three, uploaded a photo of the track she quickly made for her kids to use for their toys.

She said: “Well chuffed with our grass track in the garden using long and short setting on the lawn mower… kids been riding bikes and pushing cars round all day.

“Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep!”

Her cheap hack has been liked over a thousand times by impressed parents keen to copy.

One wrote: “This is a great idea!”

Another added: “So clever!”

And a third wrote: “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this during lockdown.”

Samantha said they plan to try a maze next once the grass grows back.

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