Mum reveals the easy hack she uses to brush her baby’s teeth with no hassle – but people say it’s traumatising

GETTING your child to brush their teeth can sometimes be a challenge itself, so it is always great when other parents share their tips. 

Dr. Joyce, who names herself joycethedentist on TikTok, has shared her ultimate tip for “wiggly one year old's”.

And parents are thanking her for sharing the savvy tip. 

She captions the video: “Does your baby hate brushing?” 

Dr Joyce then demonstrates the technique on her child and writes: “Gently wrap your legs over the baby’s arms and legs if needed.

“Brush those teeth.” 


People can’t get enough of this, one writing: “That kid will thank you later. had my parents been this adamant about caring for my teeth I wouldn't need to spend 22k for new teeth.”

To which Dr. Joyce replied: “I have had many adult patients who tell me their parents didn’t teach them the importance and now they are spending big $ to feel confident smiling.”

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Another wrote: “Brushing is so important! I worked in a pediatric dental office and the amount of parents who blamed decay on non cooperating kids is not ok.”

A third simply added: “This is a great tip!! Saving to share with my patients with little ones.”

However, some were against the idea with one writing: “That’s traumatizing (SIC). 

Another said: “That’s probably why they hate it…Watching this feels wrong already.”

Dr Joyce added in the comments: “I don’t have to do this at every brushing session. Sometimes he does great without, but sometimes he is cranky.”

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