Mum reveals she gives her kids the same meal nightly & won't play with them, but she's praised for 'realistic parenting' | The Sun

A MUM has been praised for her "realistic parenting" after revealing her kids eat the same dinner every night and she doesn't play with them.

Anna took to TikTok to reveal the "things I do as a parent that some people might not agree with".

She kicked off by revealing that her kids get "chicken nuggets and french fries almost every single meal".

"But guess what?" she continued.

"Sometimes they’ll eat a gallon of fruit the next day.

"It’s called balance.

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"I don’t fight with them, I don’t argue with them because they eat. It’s a win in my book.

"It’s difficult to get kids to eat."

Likewise, she tends not to make a full dinner for her kids, instead opting for a charcuterie board style meal that they can pick at.

"It turns into a giant nightmare and they’re not going to eat it anyway so I’m not going to waste my time and my energy making supper," she said.

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"I make supper for my husband and myself and sometimes they’ll eat it but it’s not like a big, giant fancy meal.

"We barely set the table because that’s an epic s**t show as well. Food’s flying everywhere."

When it comes to weekends, Anna lets her kids stay up late, and sleep in in the mornings.

"Because why not?" she argued.

And she concluded her list by revealing she doesn't "play with my kids all day long".

"Nope. I play with them but I’m not going to sit there all day long, I have things to do," she said.

"It is what it is. I need a break from my kids as well. I said it.

"I absolutely need a break from my kids."

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in, with one writing: "I just want to say I relate to you so much as a mother because I’m pretty much the same way."

"Thank you for this," another added.

"YES. You are a wonderful mum! This is what it’s all about," a third commented.

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"I like to call this realistic parenting. Which is the way to go," someone else wrote.

"Girl same!!! absolutely every point was so accurate and i went yup same to every one of them," another added.

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