Mum proudly shows off realistic postpartum body but is trolled for her tum

A MUM has proudly showcased her realistic postpartum – only to be targeted by cruel trolls online.

Mum-of-three Brie shared how her body had changed over the course of 18 months in a video on TikTok.

Brie, who posts under the account name @goldenmamabrieplus3, had one child and then a set of twins.

In the clip, which has since received over 5.4 million views, she began by showcasing her bump while she was pregnant with her first followed by her bump with the twins revealing the varying bump sizes.

The next clip showcased her stomach two weeks postpartum revealing that she still had a small bump since giving birth and had been left with a linea nigra, a dark vertical line that some pregnant women develop on their stomachs while pregnant.

She then showcased her body three months, four months, six months, ten months, 16 and 18 months after giving birth.

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The images show that Brie was left with some loose skin from the pregnancy which had gradually tightened over the months.

Captioning the viral post, she wrote: “Your postpartum healing journey might look different from mine & that’s okay. 

“What I want you to understand is you’re not alone mama. My body changed too.”

Brie’s video was met with thousands of comments from women thanking her for promoting awareness of postpartum bodies.

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However, unfortunately she also became the target of cruel trolls.

Commenting on the video, one wrote: “Daily dose of birth control.”

“Yeh not having kids,” added a second, while a third jibed, “Adding this to the list of reasons not to have kids.”

But her supportive followers were quick to jump to Brie’s defence.

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“You're literally just body shaming this woman, right?” wrote one.

Another added: “Comments did not pass. That’s why some moms have insecurities of something that is natural.”

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