Mum-of-16 reveals incredible Christmas shopping list (and it includes 11 kilos of ham, 3kg of turkey, three cooked chickens, 12 bottles of pop and endless tubs of ice cream)

The Bonells include mum Jeni and dad Ray, plus 16 children aged four to 28: Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

Jeni from Queensland, Australia, told how she starts planning for Christmas months in advance – clearing the freezer, so she can make sure there is room for all the food.

That includes tubs of ice-cream, 12 bottles of fizzy pop, 11 kilos of ham, 3kg of turkey, three cooked chickens and 6kg of fresh prawns.

She told the Daily Mail: "Everybody loves Christmas in our house, it's always a wonderful and big day.

Speaking on her YouTube channel Jeni added: "As a mum of 16 kids, I've always had to budget Christmas time can be really expensive and overspending will just cause stress.

"Budgets are hard to stick to and finances are tight.

"Know your budget, know how many people you need to buy for, know your disposable income.

"That will make it easier to stick to that budget. It's pretty tight this time of year."

Previously Jeni told how her normal weekly shop cost around £500.

“What you see … is an enormous grocery shop,” she said in a YouTube video.

“There are eight boxes of sausages, 22 sausages per pack, 16 sausages per meal so that makes 11 meals.

“There are eight boxes of chick breast, three packs of six lamb chops."

Mum-of-three CHARGES her family £30 per person for her bank-breaking £500 Christmas dinner.

And last Christmas little Esmae was in hospital, seriously ill… but this year she is home!

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