Mum gutted she’s missing her holiday makes a beach in the garden with fake palm trees & sand using eBay bargains

A MUM decided to create a beach in her back garden after their holiday was cancelled using bargains from eBay and Amazon. 

With the weather warming up one woman wanted to cheer her kids up after they were ‘gutted’ they weren’t going to be able to visit a beach. 

So she decided to ‘bring the beach to them’, and grabbed a load of sandbags before turning their back garden into a tropical paradise. 

The mum picked up some inflatable palm trees from Amazon and a seafront backdrop from eBay to give her back yard an authentic beach feel. 

To complete the look she dotted a few wicker chairs around, put up a grass-skirt inspired fence and added some digger toys so her kids can play in the sand. 

The mum shared the end result to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where her lockdown beach has been liked more than 2,300 times. 

She said: “Lock down project, could go on holiday, kids were gutted they weren’t gonna get to go on the beach, so brought the beach to us. [sic]”

Explaining how she created the beach, she said she laid down some MDF and a tarpaulin before tipping the sand on top. 

She added she sourced her “back ground eBay, palm trees Amazon”, adding there are “loads of different ones”. 

Her kids are chuffed with their backyard beach, as the mum added: “They’re  in it every day I’ve even had a go put some wave sound on my phone and closed my eyes.”

And for anyone worried about the sand getting dirty, she confirmed she picked up a cover off eBay for it. 

People are seriously impressed with the DIY beach, with one person commenting: “How wonderful it’s bloody fabulous well done memories those children will have forever.”

Another wrote: “Where's the sea? Only kidding.

“It's fab. Lovely idea and love the palm tree tropical background.”

A third wrote: “Wow fair play, what a fab effort you have made for your Children. Top Mum.”

While someone else said: “Such a lovely and sweet thing to do. Looks amazing, well done.”

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