Mum discovers kitchen floor in her rented flat is a different colour after mopping with £1.50 denture cleaner

A MUM has revealed the incredible change in colour of her kitchen floor – after mopping it with denture cleaner.

Jade Jenkins, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, shared snaps of the dramatic difference in her tiles after using Polident.

Costing around £1.50, the product is designed for cleaning up false teeth but left Jade's floor an entirely different colour.

The thrilled mum took to the Facebook group Mums Who Clean where she proudly shared photos of the results.

Captioning the snaps she wrote: "We live in a rental and I've always just mopped our floors, never realised how light the tiles actually are!!

"I used the first tip of polident (of course) soaked the floors for a few minutes then scrubbed away – the floor is so porous I can't believe how dirty and dark it was before!!! Next stop the whole house!!"

She went on to explain her method writing: "The way I did mine was vacuum, then made up a bucket of 5L water with 3 Polident dissolvable tablets in, I filled a spray bottle for the grout sprayed and soaked the tiles and then scrubbed away.



"I then mopped with sugar soap and went over with a steam mop to get the remainder of grime away!!"

And members of the group appeared equally impressed by the results with Jade's post receiving over 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One impressed mum commented: "Amazing!! If I send you my address can you make mine look like this too?"

Another wrote: "Hoooooooolly smokes! You win the internet today, tomorrow and forever (sic)."

Another suggested she ask for a rent reduction writing: "Make sure you send these photos to your real estate and keep stamped copies, so you can show them what a state it was in when you moved in, and how much you improved it."

Several others came forward showcasing the equally dazzling results they had achieved with Polident on both grout and vinyl plank.

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