Mum devastated after reading her seven-year-old daughter’s heartbreaking Christmas list – and it has others in tears too

A MUM has been left devastated after reading her seven-year-old daughter's heartbreaking Christmas list.

Denee AbuKhurma took to the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook to ask for "Christmas Help", admitting she was at a loss of what to do after her little girl asked to be "as tall as every other seven year old".

"My seven year old, who is really short (like myself *sorry babe*) has written her Christmas list to Father Christmas," Denee explained.

"Apart from asking for a barbie dream house and a few pop-its, she has one very serious request.

"She has written that she wants to be gifted the chance to be as tall as every other seven year old. How can my poor heart cope with that kind of request?!"

Denee added on the post that she was looking for ideas "on what to get her to make her feel completely special" and to prove to her daughter that "height really doesn't matter".

She was quickly inundated with messages from other Facebook users, many of whom had some helpful suggestions.

One person suggested that she should leave out "a letter left by Father Christmas telling her that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and the greatest of things come in small packages.

"That she is beautiful as she is and she should never change that.

"Hearing/reading it from the big man himself might help her understand and accept it."

Another wrote: "I was the shortest kid in the class, and my mum said that the best things come in small packages.

"Perhaps leave her a note from Santa saying this, and that the elves are his favourite short people.

"Then finish up with asking her if her elf ears ever grow if she'd like to join him in the North Pole!"

Someone else suggested: "Measure her with some Christmas ribbon, pop it inside a clear bauble and hang on the tree.

"Next year when you decorate the tree, take it out and see how much she’s grown. Repeat each year."

Others admitted Denee's post had reduced them to tears.

"This made me cry… Because I was just like your daughter… Everyone always used to point out how short I was and it always, always upset me.

"I think the only thing that will help is your support and some of these ideas are really cute.

"I would go with one of the jewellery ideas for her with a message so that when she wears it she remembers that she is beautiful just the way she is."

Following the floods of messages from people, Denee returned to her Facebook post to write: "Wow! Such amazing recommendations from you lot!

"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

"I leave you all with this beautiful Chinese proverb: 'No Matter how tall the mountain is, it will never block the sun'."

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