Mum claims £24 baby sleeping bag FINALLY helped her tot sleep through the night

A SLEEP-DEPRIVED mum has revealed she's finally got her baby to snooze for five hours straight – thanks to a baby sleeping bag.

The Gro Company's signature Grobags were created by two exhausted British parents, who were introduced to the idea by their Austrian sister-in-law.

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After a 12-hour sleep, and some extensive safety testing, the Grobag was born.

Writing for Mamamia, Aussie mum Nicky Kiel road tested the bags with her baby – and she was over the moon with the results.

Nicky said: "After a few weeks of wrapping my squirming, kicking baby in jersey or muslin wraps to find he had wriggled out of them 15 minutes later, we quickly decided to transition to zip-up swaddles.

"I been a lifesaver during these suddenly chilly autumn nights.

"We've been using the Cosy one and Axel has been sleeping soundly for almost five hours at the beginning of the night before his first feed. Big win."

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Grobag is essentially a zip-up enclosed skirt with plenty of space for your tot to move around.

Parents have the option to pop the baby's arms either in or out of the sleeping bag, while the baby one unzips from the bottom to make nappy changes a breeze.

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Prices range from £23.50 for a travel Grobag to £30 for the standard design and £42.50 for twin packs.

They come in three different togs, depending on how warm your nursery is, and they're suitable for use from birth.

You can shop the range here.

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