Mrs Hinch is so keen on cleaning she is doing it on her HONEYMOON

But now the online cleaning sensation – who even describes herself as "cleaning mad" – has taken her love of household chores to an extreme new level…

While most people enjoy their holidays as a welcome break from cleaning, Mrs Hinch has smuggled out a bottle of trusty Zoflora and her beloved Minky as she kicks back in the Maldives on her belated honeymoon.

And judging by her impressive cleaning collection (otherwise known as "Narnia"), we can't say we're the least bit surprised.

Despite the luxury Maldives resort already being "Hinched to perfection" (i.e. super clean), the 28-year-old newlywed simply couldn't help but give the sparkling white bathtub a once over with some Zoflora.

Filming herself tipping a capsule of disinfectant in the bath on Instagram, Sophie Hinchcliffe (AKA Mrs Hinch) said "it had to be done" as she then swept her Minky sponge over the area.

Better still, the cleaning influencer – who now boasts over 1.4 million followers – completed the chore in secret as her husband relaxed elsewhere.

She joked: "Mr Hinch is sunbathing. No one needs to know a thing."

But just when you thought she was only giving the bathtub a quick scrub, Sophie then turned her attention to the sink and other surfaces in the suite.

Filming a boomerang of herself scrubbing the suite, Mrs Hinch captioned the post: "Stop Soph Stop."

You know what they say – you can take the girl out of Essex but you can't take away her Minky… or Zoflora.

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