Mrs Hinch fan raves about the 2p coin hack after it removed caked-on limescale from her taps

A MRS Hinch fan is raving about the 2p cleaning tip which managed to remove caked-on limescale from her taps.

The genius hack is being widely shared online, and it involves rubbing the coin on metal fixtures to banish unsightly limescale.

She shared before-and-after snaps of her bathroom tap to Facebook group to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips New, showing an incredible transformation.

Previously her faucet was covered in thick, crusty limescale, but it looks nearly new after she’d scrubbed it with the two pence piece.

She posted: “Still a bit to do but the 2p hack definitely worked for me.”

And explaining how she got her tap to sparkle, she added: “Literally get a 2p and scrape it and it comes over. [sic]

“Then used viakal to remove the last bits with a scourer.

Her brilliant cleaning tip has been liked dozens of times, as people vowed to dig out some change and try it for themselves.

One person said: “This is an amazing tip.”

Another wrote: “What a difference.”

A third said: “I’m so doing this !!!”

While this person added: “Oh how clever.”

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