Morrisons are selling limited edition Cadbury Mini Egg treat pots for two for £1 and they look perfect for Easter

EASTER is on it's way, and with the holiday comes lots of limited edition chocolate products.

For fans of the classic treat Mini Eggs, which fill supermarket shelves throughout Spring, it's a time to look out for the special editions of the snack – and hunt for those bargain prices.

This year, Morrisons has announced an exciting new offer on one of the nation's favourite chocolate treat – the limited edition  dessert pot which normally resides in their yogurt section.

The Cadbury Twin Pot Dessert, only available in the Easter season, makes the perfect treat for Mini Egg lovers with the addition of the crisp, sugar-shelled chocolate drops.

With a milk chocolate pudding inside, the 90g pot encourages mixing the delicate eggs into the mousse to create a dreamy dessert for any occasion.

And while they are 80p when purchased individually, Morrisons latest promotional offer means shoppers can grab two for just £1.

There's no need to rush out either, as the offer is set to last through until June – meaning you can stock up on the treats before they disappear off the shelves until the build up to Easter next year.

If Creme Egg's are more your thing, Morrisons has an offer available on the Cadbury Limited Edition Pots of Joy too as well.

Normally £2.42, the price of the pack of four has been slashed to just £1 in the build up to the Easter holidays – lasting until the end of March.

Featuring a smooth dessert of melted milk chocolate and a layer of gooey Creme Egg goodness, the 70g pots are a chocolate-lovers heaven.

The offers come just weeks after Morrisons announced it would be selling giant hot cross buns, which are 80% larger than their standard lot, for Easter this year.

Available from the bakery in stores, customers can get their hands on the bakes, which weigh a whopping 120g each and packed with cinnamon, for just 35p each.

Morrisons isn't the only one switching up its Easter treats… Aldi is doing five new flavours ahead of Easter including rhubarb and custard.

But be careful before you indulge as just two of the Easter treats could mean you face a breathalyser test even if the driver hasn't touched a drop.

If chocolate is more your thing, here's our investigation into where to buy the cheapest Easter eggs in UK supermarkets.

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