Mom reveals easy tip to make bath time with a baby so much safer

IF you have a baby at home, there is a lot you must do around the house to ensure that the little one is kept safe.

You should cover up electrical outlets, make sure sharp corners aren’t exposed, and keep certain cabinets under lock and key.

There is one area of the house, however, that many people don’t realize you can also baby proof: the bath.

Cathy Pedrayes, who goes by @cathypedrayes on TikTok, is a mom known for her safety tips and home hacks.

She shared a video regarding bath time for babies.

“Here’s one way to stay safe at home.  


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“Set your water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit,” she said, while adjusting the knob on her water tank.

She claimed this temperature is high enough to kill bacteria in the heater, but low enough that it won’t cause any scalding burns in the shower.

Cathy did warn that this temperature can still burn at the touch, so she advised checking with your hand before you douse your baby.

In the comments section, the baby expert added that the “ideal bath temperature” for a baby is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and for pets around 90 degrees.

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As for other ways to keep your baby happy, a woman named Lydia, who goes by @lydia.sunshine on TikTok, said she knows how to instantly calm kids down.

Whenever her great-grandma would see a baby crying, she would say, “put the baby in the bath or take them outside.”

Lydia explained: "I never realized how valuable that advice was going to be until fast forward twenty years later, and I have a two-year-old and a teething newborn, who are just miserable."

At her pediatrician appointment, Lydia asked the doctor about her great-grandma's hack, and the doctor confirmed it worked and explained why.

There are three reasons why they both work: it increases serotonin levels in babies, toddlers, and just about anybody.

It increases the body temperature, and it increases the oxygen in the blood stream.

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These three things combined can instantly relax children as well as adults.

Lydia added: "So if you're having a bad day and your kids are a wreck, put the baby in the tub or bring them outside."

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