Mind-bending optical illusion leaves people baffled as to which direction the shape is spinning, so what do YOU see?

A MIND-blowing optical illusion is leaving people baffled as to which direction a shape is spinning.

The moving image was shared on the @trippycontent_ TikTok page, and shows a looped shape rotating – but is it going clockwise or anticlockwise?

If you look hard enough at the image, you can make it change directions so it is spinning the opposite way.

And that’s not the only thing boggling brains about the graphic.

The video also asks: “Which axis is the shape rotating around?

“Is it the vertical axis? Or is it the horizontal axis?”

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It advises that you use the overlapping sections to “make it change” direction.

So there are four ways to view the "movement" and some people are able to change between some, or all of them.

The mysterious clip ignited conversation on the video sharing platform – with many users offering their own observations.

One person said: “Omg help.”

Another added: “Am I even alive anymore?”

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The spinning shape is an example of an “ambiguous illusion”, which is when images are able to shift from one object to another as a person’s perception of them changes. 

The viewer is left to figure out which direction the shape is turning as the image has no depth or directional cues from the surrounding environment.

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