Millionaire teen who spends £2k on one night out leaves family hungry after failing £5 food budget on Rich Kids Go Skint

GROWING up in a five-acre multi-million dollar estate in Ohio, 19-year-old James has never had to worry about money.

So when he moved in with a family-of-four living on the breadline in this week's Rich Kids Go Skint, it's hardly surprising that things didn't quite go as planned for the privileged teen.

While he's studying business at Regents Park University, James' parents cover his £40k-a-year living costs and pay his £1,900 monthly rent.

Opening up about his lavish London lifestyle, the student said: "I love living in a posh area. I like going to bars, clubs and restaurants.

"When I'm in a club, I could easily spend £2,000. I feel bad about that sometimes but yeah… it's not my money."

Before moving to the UK for university, James didn't think twice about driving a £30,000 vintage Ford Mustang to high school everyday and even had a pool at home.

And if the family are ever strapped for cash, they also own a revolutionary flag from the Civil War worth $5m.

As part of the television expert, James moved in with the Whibley family who live 40 miles away in Gillingham, Kent.

After they've paid their £800 rent and other bills, nurse Sherry and stay-at-home dad Stuart- who suffers from chronic pain condition fibromyalgia – have just £100 leftover to last the month.

And while James doesn't think twice about spending £200-a-week on food, this family-of-four gets by on just £50 in comparison.

Throwing him in the deep end, Sherry and Stuart challenge James to feed all five of them one evening on a strict £5 budget.

"The worst case scenario is [he'll come out with] a frozen pizza," the mum-of-two admits.

But Stuart hits the nail on the head when he added: "Or there won't be enough to go around for everyone. Are we going to go starving tonight? I might!"

Sticking to what he knows, the American teen has his heart set on making burgers for the family – but is shocked to find the pre-made patties cost almost a fiver in the local shop.

Instead of swapping to a cheaper meal plan, James – who isn't used to being restricted while food shopping – buys four burgers and buns for £4.25 and decides that he'll either order in something different or go hungry.

Chuffed that he came 75p under budget, the pampered teen then treats himself to two packs of Coors Light beers for £10 each.

But it was only when the couple returned home with James' shop that they realised that his shop wouldn't make a substantial enough meal.

"I was a bit shocked," Sherry admitted. "£5 on four burgers for our dinner – we might have to have a takeaway! It just goes to prove he's used to cooking for himself and not a family."

As Stuart quizzed James on the meal plan, the dad said: "When I have a burger, I usually have lettuce, gherkins and cheese as well."

Going against the rules of the challenge, James said: "If you've got any of that here, I can use it…"

Trying to guide James in the right direction, Sherry added: "You can get pasta for 20p, mince for £1.50 and with a tin of tomatoes and some puree, you could have made a massive spaghetti bolognese out of that."

But speaking to the cameras in the other room, the mum admitted: "He wanted to give us an American experience which I think is really really sweet."

Luckily for James, the four burgers were a hit with the family – despite being "minimal" and served without any sides.

And as the couple's eldest daughter doesn't eat burgers, he even got to have one too.

"It was divine," Stuart admitted. "I just wish there was more."

But this wasn't the only challenge James faced during his time with the family – and the teen wasn't afraid to help clean up after the family pig Sam and even had to share a room with him overnight.


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