Meghan Markle's changed Prince Harry from the fun-loving warrior prince to an under-the-thumb hippy husband, says royal editor Duncan Larcombe

The Sun’s former royal editor Duncan Larcombe says the Duke of Sussex has become more of a “hippie” and is well and truly “under the thumb.”

Duncan says this was evident in the speech he gave at WE Day on Wednesday, which he describes as “new age nonsense”.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Duncan said: “The extraordinary speech he gave made me think of the first time he went to Afghanistan in 2008, and he was wearing a hat and on the back of the hat was the slogan ‘we do bad things to bad people’.

“The warrior prince’s transition to what we heard this week which was just stomach-churning mumbo jumbo really – described as hippie talk, and new age – it’s just so far away from how I knew him.”

The royal expert says Meghan has clearly been an influence when it comes to Harry’s right-on attitude.

He continued: “The signs are that she is having a fundamental influence on him… the speech he gave wouldn’t have looked out of place in some kind of fundraising dinner in Hollywood.

“Who else could have possibly influenced Harry to say that.  None of his old Etonian mates would speak in those terms, they wouldn’t even recognise him in that speech, it’s very different from his military background.

“It’s new age and right on, I believe the children are the future nonsense really.”

According to Duncan, Harry’s eagerness to conform to Meghan’s views should come as no surprise because, as he puts it, the royal is “under the thumb.”

He explained: “There’s an interesting dynamic with Harry because while he was branded the world’s most eligible bachelor with the gift of the gab, actually whenever he’s had a girlfriend he’s been very very much under the thumb.

“I don’t think any of his girlfriends have been as strong-willed as Meghan is.”

Duncan says that while he understands Harry is protective of his wife, his attitude has become “aggressive” which is having an impact on his popularity.

“Harry has always had a dislike for the media but equally he’s always got on quite well with the media” he explains.

“What we saw with Meghan is that some of the backlash has put Harry in this very aggressive and defensive position right from the get go. I see no signs of that easing, if anything it’s getting worse.

“There’s going to be an increasing focus on his words and his actions – and he will get called out on it.

"It doesn’t matter how cross he gets with the media and how much he accuses segments of social media of being unpleasant and distorting the truth, the reality is it’s not gonna look good.”

Duncan says Harry’s behaviour is reminiscent of a young Prince Andrew, whose popularity decreased when he got on the wrong side of the public.

He continued: “Harry is a great guy but Prince Andrew was in a very similar situation after the Falkland’s war. He’d served his country; he was a dashing young prince and was very popular.

“And over the years because of bad decisions Prince Andrew has completely alienated himself from the public – and what’s happened? He’s one of the least popular members of the royal family.

“His personality hasn’t changed it’s just when you get on that very defensive and aggressive position – it’s fine until you slip up and when you slip up the chickens come home to roost sadly.

“I would hate to think that Prince Harry is heading in that same direction but I fear that it’s a possibility. He needs to soften his tone.”

But while Meghan may have changed Harry Larcombe says that the prince is “happier than he’s ever been”

He added:  “I think Harry for a long time has been a bit of a lost soul, he’s wanted a wife, he’s wanted a soul mate and he’s wanted children so Harry is now in many ways happier than he’s ever been.

“But that happiness is overshadowed, it coincides with the fact he wants to protect Meghan from the world and he wants to stand up for her and I think that instead of reacting to cynicism, he just needs to ignore it.”

In other Harry and Meghan news the couple are reportedly looking to hire a male nanny to look after their first born.

Meanwhile Meghan wore a £185 monochrome mini dress by Reiss during her visit to King’s College London on International Women’s Day.

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