Me and my mum are inseparable – we spend most of our time naked together and even cook nude – it's the norm for us | The Sun

APPEARING on TLC’s sMothered this mother-daughter duo say they’re inseparable, and even spend time together naked.

In a video clip from the show, Paula, 27, says that in a perfect world she would spend all the hours of day with her mum, Francia, 46, naked, and in bed.

Living together, the pair say that they’ll even cook and clean together completely naked.

Explaining why they’ll spend time together naked, Paula adds: “In Columbia, for you to see each other naked in your family it’s extremely common, we’re even closer because of that.”

Francia says: “Being naked with my daughter is so natural for me, I feel like our connection is that we are just one.”

“I know everything about Paula,” she continues, “I know even when she goes to do number two.”

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Paula, says that her mum has “always been the cool mum, as she’s just so fun,” and that the pair don’t just spend time together at home, but also go out partying and to clubs with one another.

Expanding on the nature of their close relationship, Paula says: “I feel we’re so close because when we moved to America it was just me and her.”

Viewers of the clip however, found the duo’s relationship rather bizarre, with one writing: “I’m all for being close with your mom, but there’s a limit.”

Another argued: “If a father and daughter were doing this 'naked thing' together, it would feel REALLY wrong, right?”

“I’m Hispanic and I can tell ya, it ain’t common” argued a third, disagreeing with the pair’s statement that it’s a cultural thing.

“Lived in Colombia. No one I know does this lol” wrote another.

Not letting the critics stop them doing this, the duo have been interviewed by the New York Post, where they said:

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“When it’s just the two of us at the house, we pretty much do everything naked. It’s just the norm for us.”

So while the criticisms may continue, Paula and Francia seem unlikely to change their naked habits anytime soon.

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