McDonald's fans are making Percy Pig McFlurries and people are desperate to try one

WE bet there isn't a McDonald's fan in sight who doesn't drool at the thought of a McFlurry- regardless of your preferred flavour.

And taking their sweet treats very seriously, some people are jazzing up the already delicious treat and creating their very own variation using Percy Pig.

That's right, you read that right, Percy Pig McFlurrys are the latest dessert doing the rounds on TikTok with one [email protected]_zaidi showing exactly how it's done.

Filming herself approach the McDonald's drive-thru, she says to order nothing more than a 'plain McFlurry.'

It might look a little sad once you receive it as it's quite literally just a soft serve in a cup.

But the TikTok user goes in a good amount of Percy Pig dessert sauce before mixing thoroughly.

She doesn't stop there though, oh no, because she then adds classic Percy Pig sweets and Phizzy Pigtails for something a little extra.

She then squirts on more of the sauce to finish off the 'must try' recipe' and the result is ’10/10′.

Naturally, she wasn't the only one taken by the mouth-watering treat as many expressed their "need" to try in the comments.

"Omg I need," wrote one viewer.

"I want to try this,’ said another.

And tagging a friend a third wrote: "OMG can we plz do this."

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